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Athens Garden Festival

In one of the most attractive European cities for activists and artists alike, the Festival will bring together thinkers, creatives and the local population to create a collective European reflection on the sustainable development of the city. Parks will turn into meeting spots to debate a common future.

The Athens Garden Festival aims to provide a platform and give a unique opportunity to every citizen to take possession of the city’s gardens and open spaces in order to share views, knowledge and fight stereotypes through art and cultures (outdoors reading culture, dance, music) and the discovery of innovative solutions for local and European issues linked to our future of living (social values and inclusion, digital transition, architecture, sustainability).

Thanks to the collaboration with many local partners and European guests, the Athens Garden Festival will be an occasion to bring together different communities in the city around transgenerational places used as spaces of dialogue, and to ensure skills transfer, intercultural exchanges as well as capacity building through workshops and debates.

All events are free, some require registration. Check the full programme and other conditions on the official Athens Garden Festival webpage and Facebook page.

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Short Stories

Finally, there’s a book that drags the Greek reader out of the satiate petty bourgeois frame or the lifestyle craze and throws him deep into the working class slums.

Ta Nea