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Europe Readr events

Cultural centres and embassies will organise a series of events to accompany the Europe Readr platform.

Sofia with Alexander Shpatov

On Sofia Day, celebrated on 17 September, we organised a two-hour guided literary walk around the town's landmarks important for Bulgarian culture and literature with the Bulgarian author Alexander Shpatov, who is participating in the Europe Readr project. The walk was guided by Shpatov himself, who also works as a tour guide around Sofia and whose book #LiveFromSofia included in the Europe Readr platform depicts the town and its particularities. At the end, the thirty participants were gifted the book Live from Sofia and invited to peruse the Europe Readr digital library.

Chyba Cover

Šindelka’s writing is truly something to behold, and that’s why the book is worth reading [...] what makes it work are the long passages in which the author describes train stations, flooded cities, greenhouses, and the plants therein [...] the language is crisp and clear and frankly quite beautiful, a tribute to both the author and Nathan Fields, the translator.

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