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Great Britain

FutureLab: Read, listen, connect

In Great Britain, the Europe Readr platform will merge with a podcast series and live panel events taking place both online and on-site to explore questions related to the future of living on various levels in the post-pandemic era.


The audience can physically access a selection of books featured on Europe Readr at the libraries of the Institut français UK, the Goethe-Institut London, and the Delegation of the European Union to the UK.


THE RIVETING INTERVIEW: A special series of author interviews to celebrate the Europe Readr project brought to you by The European Literature Network in partnership with EUNIC London.

In this special podcast series Europe Readr Podcast, EUNIC London network is teaming up with the Literature Network to introduce you to Europe Readr, a groundbreaking digital platform initiated by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council, with the support of EU Member States and EU institutions.

Over the next few months tune into our Riveting Europe Readr podcasts presented by Director of European Literature Network Rosie Goldsmith and available on your favourite platforms Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple, Amazon Music, TuneIN + Alexa and Listen Notes:



EUNIC London in partnership with the Festival of the Future City–Bristol Ideas organised two roundtable discussions:

fridolin naslovnica original
Picture Books

A masterpiece of hair and illustration in which inventiveness is played out not in, but on the head.

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