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Library Under the Treetops

Deckchairs in a park will invite local citizens to read, relax, socialise and spend quality time outdoors. The pop-up open-air library will also organise social gatherings, such as book readings and a debate on literature and gender.

Axel Linden TILLSTAND Cover c Eva Lindeberg SVE

The Aftonbladet Literature Prize of 2020 is given to an authorship that talks about one the biggest questions of our time by turning away from city centres and literary salons towards the countryside, animals, forest and self-doubt. The latest book EVERY OTHER PINE, EVERY OTHER FIR is a highly relevant and at times understated depiction of living against the grain in the middle of the pine belt…written in a prose that stubbornly carves its own path between genres.

Nomination for Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize 2020