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Library Under the Treetops

Deckchairs in a park invite local citizens to read, relax, socialise and spend quality time outdoors. The pop-up open-air library will also organise social gatherings, such as book readings and a debate on literature and gender.

Debate on gender equality and literature

On 15 November 2021, the Library under the Treetops opened in Buenos Aires with a discussion on gender equality and literature. The opening took place at the main entrance to the Mariano Moreno National Library (BNMM), which hosts an open-air library in the nearby Rayuela Square. The meeting was opened by the BNMM Director Juan Sasturain, the Slovenian Ambassador to Argentina Alain Brian Bergant and Diana Broggi, who is the Undersecretary of Training, Research and Cultural Policies for Equality at the Argentinian Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity.

Ambassador Bergant presented the Europe Readr project and digital platform and the traditional Slovenian project titled Library under the Treetops. He thanked all project partners for their cooperation, donating books for the open-air library. Director Sasturain briefed the participants on the BNMM Library and its role in issues related to gender equality, while Undersecretary Broggi described the role of language and literature as tools for recognising inequality and interpreting the world.

The ensuing discussion included Susana Villalba — a poet, writer, dramaturge and literary critic, Lucia De Leone — a researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council and lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and National University Institute of Arts (UNA), and the author Belén López Peiró. The three speakers not only talked about their own experiences as authors working in contemporary literary society, but also as women, readers and members of Argentine society, who face many challenges in their lives.

Events at the library

For the next three weeks — until 3 December 2021 —visitors to the BNMM Park will be able to relax in the pleasant outdoor atmosphere of the library and choose from more than 400 different literary works originating from more than 20 countries. They will enjoy a comfortable reading session while resting on loungers and pillows or sitting at convenient tables.

Until the end of November, individual EU member states will be hosting small events in the library, mostly on reading poetry, children’s literature, mask making and music. The events will be organised by Poland (18 November), France (19 November), Slovenia (25 November), Spain, (26 November), Germany and Spain (27 November) and Portugal (28 November).

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Short Stories

Finally, there’s a book that drags the Greek reader out of the satiate petty bourgeois frame or the lifestyle craze and throws him deep into the working class slums.

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