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Literary meetings

The Europe Readr project was discussed by Slovenian and German most prominent publishers in a meeting that also addressed the European Union Prize for Literature and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Three winners of the EU Prize for Literature – Anja Mugerli (2021), Gabriela Babnik (2013) and Nataša Kramberger (2010) also participated in the meeting. Discussions touched on intercultural dialogue and the impact of publishing and literary awards on intercultural integration and understanding.

Jörg Wojahn, Head of the European Commission Representation in Berlin, and Dimitrij Rupel, Acting Director of the Slovenian Book Agency, opened the event with a speech. Saša Šavel Burkart, Head of the Slovenian Cultural Centre in Berlin, presented the Europe Readr with a tour of the portraits of Julia Fiedorczuk and Lukas Jüliger, authors involved in the project. Their books titled Psalmy and Unfollow describe the future of life in a time of climate and technological change, dealing with the importance of biodiversity for the future.

Saša Šavel Burkart briefed the participants on the Bücherboxx, which is equipped with the Europe Reader QR code. The Bücherboxx, which includes reading benches, is located in front of the European Academy Berlin and encourages the locals to read books. The project was launched at the initiative of the Institute for Sustainability in Education, Employment and Culture in Berlin with the support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin, and cultural centre SKICA Berlin. The novel by Slovenian author Drago Jančar entitled The Tree with No Name is just one of many books available in Bücherboxx. Visitors can also listen to poetry by a number of authors via a solar-powered audio device.

The editor of the award-winning Berlin publishing house Verbrecher Verlag, Kristine Listau, interviewed Slovenian authors Nataša Kramberger and Anja Mugerli, who have both written about Slovenian landscapes and topics related to the local environment that are both contemporary and global.

The meeting of Slovenian and German publishers was organised by the Slovenian Book Agency in cooperation with SKICA Berlin. Five Slovenian and five German publishing houses participated in the event: Beletrina, Mladinska knjiga, Goga, Miš, Pivec, S Fischer, Verbrecher Verlag, Surkamp, Edition Noack & Block and Mairisch Verlag.

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Short Stories

Finally, there’s a book that drags the Greek reader out of the satiate petty bourgeois frame or the lifestyle craze and throws him deep into the working class slums.

Ta Nea