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In cooperation with local actors in Bangkok, Europe Readr has created an installation that redefines the public and private interface and offers a safe, comfortable and enjoyable reading space for people in one of Bangkok’s neighbourhoods.

The project is a modest attempt to make a pleasant semi-public space that invites people to take a seat, rest and read in the context that public spaces are usually neglected.

The installation is a simple but elegant sitting and reading space that redefines Bangkok’s public and private interface. The idea was to create a connected wooden platform, one part being inside the front yard of the shop building under the tree, and the other part protruding from the fence and becoming a public bench for passers-by.

At the opening of the installation on 12 December, Professor Davisi Boontharm from co+re said: “What I like about the design of this installation is its simplicity. This is not an eye-catching or fancy project that employs cutting-edge technology. This project is modest, realised with the reuse of material. Our team believes in the value of “the old” that has the power to create character and constitute new meanings to the place.”

So come sit down and maybe read a book at 623 Chokchai 4 Rd in Latphrao District, Bangkok.


Europe Readr reading space preparation in Bangkok

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Pogačar’s exploration of narrative and language is limitless, exploring also outside the zone of safety. He is one of those artists who disregard well-trodden paths, prevailing trends and wide readerships, and refuse to copy previously successful models in their work. His writing is a journey into the unknown and travel is at the centre of his book.

Jagna Pogačnik, Jutarnji list