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Reed, Read, Read

Local architects have created a public space for reflection and dialogue at the Oodi Helsinki Central Library. The project will stimulate discussions on the future of living, sustainable solutions and the culture of reading in a digital age.


From early July until the end of this year, visitors of the Oodi Helsinki Central Library can contemplate the future of living in the Reed, Read, Read installation, which presents a future where innovation meets learning from tradition and local knowledge to create sustainable solutions for a better life.

Europe Readr launch in Helsinki, Finland

The installation is inspired by the traditional Finnish craft of “olkihimmeli”, a hanging decoration made of straw. In this case, however, the authors substituted the straw with a local reed plant. The reed is not just readily available, but its harvesting also helps prevent the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea by removing phosphorus and nitrogen from the ecosystem.

The installation is composed of 27 hexagonal modules, one for each EU member state, and one for each literary work on the Europe Readr platform. All this represents a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Reed, Read, Read project was initiated by the Embassy of Slovenia to Finland with support from the European Commission Representation in Finland and the EUNIC Cluster Helsinki. The installation was conceptualised and created by the Vapaa Collective.

Panel discussion on the importance of reading culture

On 18 October the Oodi Library hosted a panel discussion titled "The Future of Living: Reading Culture for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future" exploring the future of living, with artists, authors, architects, academics and others discussing their own vision of a more sustainable way of life. They all agreed that reading, literature and libraries are important for the shaping of our future. So read more about what Drago Jančar, Matti Kuittinen, Andreas Jungwirth and others had to say at the discussion or watch the replay below.


Panel discussion "The Future of Living: Reading Culture for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future"
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