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Ride & Read

A graphic art urban intervention inspired by the main premises of the Europe Readr project (literature, reading culture, critical thinking) brings some colours to the underground system in Brazil's capital linking 27 featured literary works with 27 metro stations. A QR code directs readers to the online platform where they can read a book while commuting.

Europe Readr opening event in Brasília

The opening event of the Brazilian edition of the Europe Readr project took place at the University Centre of the Federal District (UDF) in Brasília on 27 September. Participants were invited to view a selection of 27 graphics to be showcased in a larger format as installations at various metro stations in Brasília for the duration of the project.

The graphics were produced by students of the UDF Architecture and Urbanism department by selecting a basic image of one of the capital's most famous buildings or districts, onto which they then projected their visions of the Europe Readr project and the 27 literary works available on its platform. Each work is displayed either in the form of its book cover or its author's main idea or a quote from the book.

The event attendees were addressed by the UDF's Rector, Professor Dr Beatriz Eckert-Hoff, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Brazil, Gorazd Renčelj, and Giovanna Monteiro, who spoke on behalf of the students taking part in the project led by Professor Dr Ana Carolina Lima and Professor Dr Marcelo Judice.

27 interventions at 27 stations

patria mea a4 original cover

The blank page... stands as a perennial reminder of how freedom emerges even within repression... I am most moved in her book by the delicacy and scope realized time after time by her profoundly analogical imagination.

Charles Altieri, Chicago Review