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The future of living – but what about culture?

In cooperation with the EUNIC networks, the Europe House in Paris hosted a round table entitled ‘The future of living – but what about culture?’ with the participation of the authors whose works are included in the virtual library and other prominent intellectuals. The Representation of the European Comission in Paris included this culture-centred event in a series of general discussions held in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Round table

Below, you can watch a replay of the round table "The future of living – but what about culture?" (in French) with Laurie Agusti ,French author of the Europe Reader digital library, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, interdependent curator and art critic who lives and works in Paris, and Dušan Šarotar, Slovenian writer and author of a beautiful panoramic travel story of the current Europe, entitled Departure. Hosted by journalist Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro Littéraire.


patria mea a4 original cover

The blank page... stands as a perennial reminder of how freedom emerges even within repression... I am most moved in her book by the delicacy and scope realized time after time by her profoundly analogical imagination.

Charles Altieri, Chicago Review