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Every Other Pine, Every Other Fir

Axel Lindén

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Sweden Essays

Every Other Pine, Every Other Fir

Axel Lindén


Axel Lindén (1972) holds a PhD in literary sciences, and now lives with his family on a farm in southern Sweden. He debuted with a book on sheep farming and life, which became a major hit and has been translated into eight languages. He received the Aftonbladets Literature Prize for his essayist, philosophical and reflective writing last year.


Axel Lindén inherited a forest and eventually accepted the need to take care of it – but now, he does it with natural regeneration in mind, leaving the forest to take care of itself and making only emergency interventions. Among the trees, his thoughts return to his family and to the Afghan teenagers in their care. The book is full of somewhat bitter wit but also warmth, with which he writes about nature, human influence on it and what it means to us today to have a home.


Axel Lindén, author, Sweden, talks about the Europe Readr project


The Aftonbladet Literature Prize of 2020 is given to an authorship that talks about one the biggest questions of our time by turning away from city centres and literary salons towards the countryside, animals, forest and self-doubt. The latest book EVERY OTHER PINE, EVERY OTHER FIR is a highly relevant and at times understated depiction of living against the grain in the middle of the pine belt…written in a prose that stubbornly carves its own path between genres.

Nomination for Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize 2020

Axel Lindéns EVERY OTHER PINE, EVERY OTHER FIR gives a novel perspective on the Swedish love of forests and nature… Here the forest becomes a symbol of a furious yet hopeless struggle in both the personal and the universal

Dagens Nyheter

EVERY OTHER PINE, EVERY OTHER FIR makes the reader reflect on the human condition and the world we live in, it’s written with affection and care, both relating to humans, animals and not least, the refugee issue. A book in the same vein as the classic Walden by Henry David Thoreau.