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My Street

Ann De Bode

Belgium Picture Books

My Street

Ann De Bode


Ann De Bode (1956) was born in Congo, but today lives and works in Duffel, Belgium. During her rich career, she taught and worked in an advertising agency for a while, and has illustrated almost three hundred books at home and abroad, including many of her own. She uses polymer clay, oils and acrylics, collage and digital techniques. She has received numerous awards for her work.


My street is home to families from different cultures and parts of the world: Morocco, China and Israel, Congo and India. Their children grow up with a variety of influences and in harmony with each other. With their details of the interior, the illustrations offer an insight into the diversity and peculiarities, and at the same time the similarity and universality of the family and working environments of a multicultural European city. A picture book with a positive message for all generations.

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Multicultural places with a beautiful message.

Libelle mei 2012

Such beautiful illustrations! […] Beautiful details that keep you interested. […] This book doesn’t have any tekst, but it doesn’t really need it. The images speak for themselves and make sure you never get bored.

Website Peuteren april 2012

A big cardboard look- and searchbook with scenes made out of Fimo mouldingclay. Children very much love the style of illustrator Ann De Bode: she has been awarded four times with the Award of the Audience of the Picturale of Ronse.

Website Youthbooks Antwerp april 2012